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Updated June 09, 2007
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World's Highest SkyJump:
Macau Tower
August 30, 2005

What's all the jumping at Macau Tower? I can assure you it's not the cinema, cafes or restaurant and shopping mall. It's not even the 360 cafe or Lounge that has people screaming and all excited. It's the Sky Jump off the top of the Tower and an exciting flight off the edge that has them all excited. It got me going and off the edge too - just nine days after they launched the world's highest sky jump in Macau.

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Northwest Airlines 747:
Nose Landing on Guam Runway
August 19, 2005
Tiyan, Guam




A routine flight to Guam ended a Northwest Airline flight on its nose after the landing gear collapsed. There were no serious injuries. The incident closed down the Won Pat International Airport for hours as many flights to the island were delayed and others diverted to Andersen Air Force Base located at the north end of the island. Passengers were bussed down to WPIA on tour busses.

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The Last Mission Monument Dedication and Unveiling
August 15, 2005
Northwest Field, Guam

The Guam Visitor's Bureau sponsored the construction and placement of a monument dedicated to the crew members of the B29 Boomerang and all other B29 crew members who flew mission from Northwest Field during World War II. The event commemorates the importance of the flight of the Boomerang and the significant role it played in the ending of the war. Read the history of The Last Mission, view the photographs and video clips of the event by clicking on the full story link below.

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Island Life

Watch For...
Freedom's March

Released: The United States Marines released the Chamorro people from the  Manenggon Concentration Camp after the recaptured of Guam in July 21, 1944.

Navy Photo Courtesy of  Jennings Bunn and the Marianas Military Museum, Inc. Naval Station, Guam




Commemorative Event


 Faces of Survival

Scarred: The discolored faces of Chamorro senior citizens represent the emotional effects of war.

Listen to survivor accounts at a War Reparations Committee meeting at the Legislature.



Chamorro Bible Language Culture & History Related Resources

In Memory of
Iris Chang

Rape of Nanking
Iris Chang


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